Loyal guardian and companion. Unlike traditional, static security cameras, Odini is a discreet mobile solution which aims to give privacy when you’re home and monitor and record events while you’re away. Better yet, Odini moves about your home autonomously to ensure all areas are secure. To move silently, it’s driven by four independent touch points between the main camera and clear outer ball section. — Like an addition to the family, Odini has been designed with personality in mind! He can let you know how he feels through an array of facial expressions. If his battery is running low, he’ll look tired. When he spots someone he recognizes, he’ll be excited…. someone he doesn’t know, he’ll be wary. If he notices something new, he’ll be curious and investigate until it’s familiar!

Designer: Etienne Bougeot

via Yanko Design






The installation by the Canadian artists Catlind r.c. Brown and Wayne Garrett is called  ‘CLOUD’. It is an interactive cloud project that consists of 6,000 new and burnt-out lightbulbs. Made of metal pull string switches and everyday lightbulbs, the large-scale sculpture creates an immersive environment that invites viewers to wander through the rain strings switching lights on and off. CLOUD was first created for art festival Nuit Blanche Calgary (in Canada) in 2012 and has since been shown in The Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, Israel and Portugal. Follow these two artists on Facebook.



Italian designer Paolo Cappello has designed a music cabinet with embedded hi-def bluetooth speaker called Caruso for Miniforms company. It is made entirely by hand and by Italian masters in Meolo (Venice). The design marries elegant finishes such as lacquered wood, canaletto walnut and precious Italian oak from 1700. Caruso won CDG Design Award for 2015. Article from DEZEEN.