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Have you seen the latest SAMSUNG store in Targówek? ARS Retail was responsible for this project. We adapted the brand’s global concept and managed an efficient investment process providing the client with a swift turn-key realization.

The shop boasts a cross-section of  the lastest tech novelties – smartphones, tablets, electronic equipment and an imposing TV wall. No need to rush if you’re stunned by the choice – just grab a coffee and enjoy a cappuccino.

It was a pleasure to work on such a modern and client-oriented project. Thank you SAMSUNG!

Foto by Grzegorz Śledź.

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Design of the future city. “The new entrance is in a way a natural result of the long platforms underground. An important aspect of the project is to reinforce Knutpunkten’s connection with the southern part of the city, with the campus and the future H+ area. The new traffic flows, more activity and vibrancy in the area will hopefully contribute to reduced segregation in the town”, says the architect in charge Patrik Ekenhill. 

More info ARCHDALY

Architects Tengbom

Foto Felix Gerlach








The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA) commissioned Nervous System to create a new dress for the exhibition #techstyle, which runs from March 6 through July 10, 2016. The exhibition explores the synergy between fashion and technology and how it is not only changing the way designers design, but also the way people interact with their clothing.

Inspired by petals, feathers, and scales, we developed a new textile language for Kinematics where the interconnected elements are articulated as imbricating shells. Like our previous garments, this dress can be customized to the wearer’s body through a 3D scan, and additionally, each element is now individually customizable: varying in direction, length, and shape.

More information nad photos NERVOUS SYSTEM BLOG.




Clad with cedar wood and corten steel, this mobile dwelling provides comfortable living accommodation suitable for a range of climates. Named ‘vista‘, the 160 square foot cabin offers space for one or two occupants, with dedicated sleeping, living, and bathing facilities. Conceived as a private space that shares a direct relationship with nature, large operable low-E windows on three sides of the unit offer uninterrupted views. the standard mobile home is 20 feet long, over 8 feet wide, and more than 9 feet in height, with a larger version also available.

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NECLUMI is the first ever projection-based interactive necklace.

Jakub Koźniewski – original concept, design, development
Piotr Barszczewski – iOS dev support

Jakub Koźniewski – camera and video editing / grading / graphic design
Katarzyna Grzeszczak – model
Magda Grabowska – neclumi “voiceover”

Music: “May” by Marcel Pequel ( – video edit



The interactive table, which was developed by students at Lund University and Eindhoven University of Technology together with design consultancy IDEO, can identify an ingredient placed on it via a camera and image-recognition technology. It will then suggest other ingredients to combine with it and can take the user through a full step-by-step recipe via instructions projected directly onto the surface of the table. “It sees what grocery you put onto it and decides through colour, shape and size what grocery it is,” explains Lund University student Ingrid Allenbach in the movie. “It will then suggest what will go well with it and give you recipes to guide you through how to cook them.”

Article and photos from DEZZEN.