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The Polish retail landscape is yet again richer! A new Trespass shop was opened in Rzeszów in Galeria Graffica.

The concept  for this brand was fully created by ARS Retail Group. Concrete, wood, green glass, and high quality natural materials are just a few architectural elements you can find inside. They all resemble the climate of the brand. After all, Trespass is an outdoor clothing company whose customers are active and like adventure.

We are really proud to say that the shop in Galeria Graffica is the first store where we implemented the new design.

Design by Karolina Czapska.

More information soon! :)




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ARS Retail Group was responsible for the installation of a new system of furniture and renovation works in A.Blikle in Shopping Center Ursynów – Warsaw.  A.Blikle – Warsaw confectionery company. It was founded September 11, 1869 year by  Antoni Kazimierz Blikle. Customized confectionery chain conveying the atmosphere of the French “patisserie” always delivering quality products with onsite preparation.


Foto: Grzegorz Śledź