A Pocket of India by Julian Lucas


A Pocket of India is what happens when one of our directors takes a break.

In March 2015, Julian Lucas jumped on a plane for India with his girlfriend, a backpack, and a camera. As a filmmaker it’s hard to switch off, and India, being such a colourful, vibrant hotpot, got the better of him. He returned with a candid piece about the beautiful country through his lens.

A Pocket of India takes us across the North, from Kolkata to Rajasthan, and then down the West coast into Kerala, before finishing in The Andaman Islands. The film aims to find an intriguing balance between
the geographical landscape and the people who live there.

Shot entirely on the Blackmagic Pocket Camera using a Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM Lens.

“Analog” by Steven Gutheinz


Julian Lucas