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The concept of „Huawei Youniverse” is about an experience oriented high-tech store designed on fundamentally modern trends, personalised customer experience and omnichanneled retail strategy.

The need to apeal and support the customer interest is the key to the in-store experience. By creating a new own “store brand” based on “customer” and his “universe” the brand can increase the inerest to the retail products.

Creation of a modern tech-focused community that will promote the brand itself as the physical store in the certain location as well as globally. This is the ideal scenario of the social media recognition and increasing Huawei position in relation to the main competitors. The imperative for traditional retailers is to create a cross-channel offering, one in which their customers have the same experience online as in their stores, and can move between the two channels without friction – this is called the “seamless retail experience”. The same model we integrate into the whole design concept of “Youniverse”.

Customer looks for seamlessness and consistency across the touch points along shopping journey. All sensual experiences are included along the path in Huawei store. The store concept blurs boundaries of sensual and digital experiences.

Design by Igor Romaniuk, Izabela Kowalska, Marcin Boratyn

Visualization @niuanse

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“We have designed the Asian flagship store of Steinway & Sons in Tennoz Isle. Our aim was to create a space where their clients can feel Steinway’s craftsmanship, philosophy, history, and the beauty of their instruments. Clients will feel attached to everything about Steinway in this showroom, beyond the concept of “objects”.

Patents… Patents are made out of brass, and baked in a sand mold. This traditional manufacturing process represents their craftsmanship. Each plate has patent number and name engraved, sealing their traditions and histories. Flooring… We installed a Herringbone floor to reproduce Steinway’s woodworking craftsmanship spirit in the interior space. We used 5 kinds of wood (beech, bubinga, walnut, maple, and mahogany), which are also used for making pianos. These details add dignity, which is backed by traditions and records, to the interior.”


Architects: OgataYoshiki, SALT, IkawaAtsushi, WataseIkuma
Photographs: Courtesy of OgataYoshiki+SALT