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The past year has enriched the ARS Retail Group portfolio with many interesting developments in the trade and service industry.
Throughout 2017, we have completed several interesting conceptual designs for Polish and foreign brands such as, among others Second Cup, Eobuwie, Trespass, Nespresso, Le Creuset. ???
A new year 2018 just started, with new challenges and new goals for our company.

Thank you for trust!
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DesignFoodInteriorPolish Design

25_ ludzikami

We decided to go for Jazz Club style with bits of modern trends. To increase those feelings we have specially designed an unique lamp made of trumpets. Dark wood and leather in bottle green and honey colors will give interior  some fresh air and space.

By using floor materials we divided interior in two main spaces based on their function. First – order zone, we covered with modern, hexagonal tails in subdued, beige colors. Second – table zone, is finished with wood to make it more comfortable and warm. Both floors meet and mix in the middle giving impression of smooth transition.

In this version we left bar where it was – under the wall, but we made some improvements based on local vison. First of all, we have hidden all that’s going on behind the bar by putting in front of a customer fridge with sandwiches and snacks. Now, what was the weakest point of this interior became a very strong place. Also we made a use of a wall behind the bar by putting there useful shelves and made some space for menu, commercials and slogans. For all bar furniture we decided to use warm oak wood with black marble tops.

When it comes to table zone, we didn’t do that much when it comes to organizing tables. We made some movements and adjustments that gave us 68 seats. We have honored the way space was is used now. We left Lounge zone as it was, but gave it new, fresh look with new couches, armchairs and oversize lamps that will serve well for writing and reading. Long couch under the window got new life, we gave it high, bar tables and seats making it more of a short time space to use. Main zone got some new furniture as well. Oak table tops will work well with bar and leather covered chairs will give all the comfort we need.

Big thing about this option is back wall. We decided to cover it with bottle green, milled tiles and place elegant but delicate lamps. We think that it’s a very good place for pictures of customers, VIP`s and event souvenirs.

Last but not least, the celling. Made of same oak that we used for table tops and bar furniture. Lowered above the bar and open above table zone made of wooden beams formed in triangles.

Design by Dominika Ladowska, Marcin Otulak, Marci Boratyn.


OPT1_26_z ludzikami

29_z ludzikami

ArchitectureDesignFoodPolish Design

OPT2_38_z ludzikami

We went for industrial, crude furniture. Plants in jars hanging form the celling, same warm oak wood connected with dark metal frames and old brick on the back wall makes this interior darker but warmer and cozy.

Our revolution is best seen when it comes to the bar that is moved to the middle. It became an island and a furniture by itself.  With this option, short term customers will be led by tiles on the floor from entrance to the bar and out by second exit to the library.

If you want to have a sit, you can choose form 76 seats we have fitted in this option. You can use comfortable long couch under the wall, where bar used to be, or use bar chairs under the site and watch people walking by. There are tables for two and four and if there is a need to connect them for bigger group it can be done easily.

Again we left Lounge zone as it was giving it new furniture and a carpet that will make it feel more like home. New exciting thing here are hanging tables with bar chairs. Those are perfect as a quite table for two, with romantic lamp, and view from above others.

Very strong element of this interior is our celling made of steel mesh. To make it even more entertaining we decided to decorate it with mirrors in various frames. This way we will make interior look bigger and mysterious.

Design by Dominika Ladowska, Marcin Otulak, Marcin Boratyn.

Visualisation by Piotr Tamkun.

OPT2_34 amended

OPT2_5_ z ludzikami


ArchitectureDesignFoodPolish Design

2017.04 KW FC ASIS (9)

Whilst creating the food court area for Klif Fashion Mall we had in mind the elegant interiors of the Malls’ boutiques as well as its modern and unique exterior. A diamond cut façade and gentle shapes that permeate the common areas give a feeling of exclusivity and inspire to add spaces that will harmoniously blend together creating a consistent structure.

The idea behind this change was to design an interior that would meet the expectations of Klif’s premium customers. Adequate space arrangement is the key to satisfy the needs of most demanding customers. The leisure section is ideal for business meet-ups whereas the traditional one is the choice for family meals or rendezvous with friends. There is also a fast sector for the time-strapped visitor.

The food court’s borders are marked by a highlighted corian ceiling, giving the place a distinct, unique feel.

Light, gentle colors, comfortable furniture, premium finishing create a unique high-style look and customized, tailor-made sofas add to the individuality of the place.

The project was designed by Karolina Czapska. The investor is Paige Investments Sp. z o.o.o.

The manager of DM Kilf is BNP Paribas Real Estate Poland.


2017.04 KW FC ASIS (1)

2017.04 KW FC ASIS (7)

2017.04 KW FC ASIS (10)

2017.04 KW FC ASIS (12)

2017.04 KW FC ASIS (11)

2017.04 KW FC ASIS (3)

2017.04 KW FC ASIS (8)

2017.04 KW FC ASIS (6)